Last week in blockchain – 2018, week 40

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This week a themed episode about training of developers, and some news about 30.000 transactions a minute,


Besides my interview of this week and the referrals, I had one news item I couldn’t resist talking about. Because one of the most important problems on blockchain is scaling. How to make blockchains faster to get more people on a network without losing the power of the network. An Australian federal science agency states it completed a global test on a blockchain network called Red Belly Blockchain. The network processed 30.000 cross-border transactions per second the agency claimed, across 1.000 nodes in 14 countries. You can read everything on this test in their paper, linked in the description.

Background articles


Governments and law

New applications


Oh my god!



Besides scaling, finding a blockchain developer is one of the biggest problems in our field. There are several initiatives and today I will let you hear the interview I had with Nick Todorov of Limechain, a Bulgarian blockchain development company. Listen to the audio file for the interview. I didn’t have time to make a transcript.


<the interview is here in the podcast>

The interview mentions a Forbes article: On the first of September Forbes worte about the developments in blockchain training: And in April of this year Forbes wrote about the demand for blockchain engineers:

And if you want to know more bout Lime Academy, check


And I read a nice article about on about Don Tapscott who spoke about the future of the blockchain revolution and


And that wraps up this Last week in blockchain. Check my website: for more info on me and my podcast and a full transcript of this episode. Check the links mentioned in this episode in the description: the Australian test, the paper that comes with it, the referral to Don Tapscott and everything on Lime Academy. And I hope to see you next week for my next episode. And if you like what you’ve heard, share this podcast with your friends and on social media and click those five stars in your podcast app. See you next week!



Australian test

And the paper that comes with it



Don Tapscott



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