Last week in blockchain – 2018, week 27

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This is my last podcast before my summer break. I work in a high school in The Netherlands and the school closes for 6 weeks. A few weeks in which I will be going to Rhodes in Greece with my wife and kids, I’m going to walk the fourdays marches of Nijmegen, walking 50 kilometers for 4 days straight. And I’m going to work on improving my podcast. What started in February with a nice thing to try has turned into a weekly podcast in English and Dutch with a few hundred listeners in total. But before I tell you to much about me and not enough about blockchain, let’s go to last week’s news.

As I said  last week, I had to much news to choose from; everyone wanted to push their press release just before the summer. And this week has been slim pickings. A few new blockchains going beta or launching, but a lot of projects die too every week. We’ll look at for that. Next the Chinese crypto list has come out again: I’ll be looking at the changes. And Spains securities market watchdog completes a blockchain test. And Alibaba’s CEO talks about bitcoin.

Technology and perspective

Let’s go to China again: the updated version of the blockchain ranking is out. And EOS is still ranked number one, despite all the problems we have seen with that network’s launch in the last weeks. And Bitcoin is still low: ranked 17th. The criteria are just technical, not ethical or practical, so that influences the ranking of course, but we’ll see how these project develop over time.

However, a lot of projects don’t make it and the website lists all cryptocurrencies that haven’t survived. From bogus crypto’s to hacked software, all type of crappy crypto is listed and you can add new entries yourself. So if you have nothing to do the next few weeks: browse through this list and amaze yourself about all the vanished coins.

Then to Spain, where the securities market watchdog completed a blockchain test last week. And it was a promising result for blockchain: the time to process information in the test was cut by more than 70 percent using the pilot platform. What was stored in the shared database? The information about the issuance of warrants, contracts bearing the right to purchase new shares at a certain price before they expire. Conclusion of the watchdog and Banco Santander: the technology is promising.

And to conclude this podcast, we’ll be going to Alibaba. Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, told a few weeks ago he thinks Bitcoin is a bubble. The firm does believe in blockchain though. Ant Financial, the financial affiliate of Alibaba, launched a blockchain-based service that lets Hong Kong’s large Filipino working population send funds to family back home quickly and securely. It’s a field more companies and startups are working in, because it is now dominated by Western Union and MoneyGram. An interesting field we’ll be hearing from more and I think quicker than in traditional banking, like the pilot in Spain.

And that wraps up this Last week in blockchain. Check my website: for more info on me and my podcast and a full transcript of this episode. Check the links to all the news items I talked about in the description: China’s blockchain raking, Spanish banks, and Ant Financial. And definitely check back after my summer bream for my new podcast on Soundcloud and in Dutch on! And if you like what you’ve heard, share this podcast with your friends and on social media.



China’s blockchain ranking

Spanish banks

Ant Financial


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