Last week in blockchain – 2018 week 20

Last week in blockchain for week 20 of 2018, a podcast with the latest developments in the world of the blockchain.

Welcome to Last week in blockchain. My name is Wim Pelgrim, a blockchain enthusiast and with this weekly podcast you’ll stay up to speed about all the major developments on the blockchain. And that in under 10 minutes!

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This week it’s a packed episode. I’ll be discussing a few governments and the blockchain, amongst which Colorado, China and The Netherlands. Further I have some newsitems about the adoption of the blockchain and a couple of companies have interesting information, such as Botchain, Microsoft and Facebook.

Governments and the blockchain
In Colorado bill HB14-26, also called the “epic fail” by one of the architects Senator Tim Neville, was voted out by 1 vote in the third reading last week. The bill would have carved out open blockchain tokens from the definition of a security under the Colorado Securities Act. It would have stimulated more innovation in the state and start-ups trying to get funding through an ICO, but it was called broad and vague by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs. An unfortunate setback for the Centennial State.

As a lot of governments, China wants to get a grip on the cryptocurrency market. A scientific institution, overseen by the Chinese government, will publish a monthly assessment of blockchain projects. Dubbed the “Global Public Chain Assessment Index,” the system will initially focus on 28 major blockchain projects, looking at their technological capabilities and use cases. The announcement follows the initiative to develop standards for blockchains in China (podcast #7). What the 28 projects are, I don’t know, I can’t find info on that. But it’s certain China is working hard on the blockchain, as a lot of governments.

In The Netherlands, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition presented the first research agenda on blockchain. The press release tells us All areas relevant to the further development of blockchain are covered, including technology, legal issues, economic impact and ethics. The agenda relates to fundamental as well as applied research questions. Multiple organizations will shape the agenda, through which several million euros will eventually become available for scientific research. And the Coalition claims it is the first time such a research agenda has been drawn up within a national context and on a scientific basis. I don’t know that, but let me know if you have information on that for me.

Blockchain adoption
Than some news items about the adoption of the blockchain. Bitfortune has made an Blockchain disruption infographic. It’s not the only one out there, but it’s a massive one. The infographic sums up all the potential you hear about the blockchain as a disruptive technology and give a wide range of fields the technology could effect and mentions several start-ups and businesses active on blockchain solutions in those fields. And when you look at these kind of sources, you’d think the blockchain is all around and in every board room.

But that’s not quite true. Chainges conference in Amsterdam was held last week. Last January they held a survey with over 3000 responses from all over the world. 35 percent of the responders was  involved in blockchain less then 6 months, 11 percent was just getting the hang of it. On 458 of the responders answered the question how they were using the technology. And about 2/3th of them was. An other survey, by Gartner, revealed that only 8% of Chief Information Officers were in short-term planning or active experimentation with blockchain. 77 percent of CIOs surveyed said their organization has no interest in the technology and/or no action planned to investigate or develop it. The Gartner press release has more data from the survey, but the common thread of the news: blockchain could change everything, but we’re not seeing it yet. And financials lead the way.

Company info
As every week, a lot of companies send out press releases about their blockchain implementation. This week I’m starting with Botchain, a start-up that wants to put bot-to-bot communication on the blockchain. With the rise of bots conducting business on a company’s behalf, the demand for legitimate, validated and secure means to register the bots is growing. As Botchain is stating in the article on Techcrunch: BotChain offers bot developers, enterprises, software companies, and system integrators the critical systems, standards, and means to validate, certify, and manage the millions of bots and billions of transactions powered by AI.” And with all of these autonomous technologies evolving, we’ll be seeing crossovers more often.

Bigger companies with blockchain-related news were Microsoft and Facebook. Microsoft presented their blockchain workbench within their Azure platform. It’s a set of cloud services commonly needed to create working blockchain applications. Workbench also makes it easy to integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems. Following the interview with Azures principal (podcast #2), Microsoft hopes developers will build beautiful applications. Maybe you’ll try.

Facebook started a new team dedicated to the blockchain. Rumours are Facebook will be launching cryptocurrencies in the future. David Marcus, who worked on Messenger, will be leading the team. He posted a Facebook post about it and Recode published an article about it. Marcus seems a smart choice for this position: he was the former president of PayPal and he joined the board of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase in December. No indication on when we will hear more about it, but we’ll surely hear from the company.

And that wraps up this Last week in blockchain. Check my website: for more info on me and my podcast and a full transcript of this episode. Check the links to all the news items I talked about in the description: Colorado, China, The Netherlands, the infographic and surveys by Chainges and Gartner, Botchain Microsoft and Facebook. And definitely check back next week for my new podcast on Soundcloud and in Dutch on!





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