Last week in blockchain – 2018 week 17

Last week in blockchain for week 17 of 2018, a podcast with the latest developments in the world of the blockchain.

Welcome to Last week in blockchain. My name is Wim Pelgrim, a blockchain enthusiast and with this weekly podcast you’ll stay up to speed about all the major developments on the blockchain. And that in under 10 minutes! And if you like what you have heard: please share this podcast on your socials and spread the word.

For all Dutch listeners: you can check the Dutch version of this podcast at! This week I’ll be talking to you about the Prorail hackathon, changes in the Bitcoin source code, the Bahamas, NASA, Samsung and blockchain in education whitepaper.

In week 7 I announced a blockchain hackathon by Prorail, the Dutch railway authority. This week I’ll be talking about the winner. A group of students and trainees worked for three days on a solution to make freight transport safer and more transparent. They’ll be going to Deutsche Bahn in Frankfurt (by train of course) to see some blockchain applications in Germany.

Next news item is about the Bitcoin network. The source code of the Bitcoin network and Bitcoin Core client are downloadable on GitHub. Changes in the source code will be timestamped on the Bitcoin blockchain from now on. Wait: what? Saving changes in your own blockchain? Yes you can do that. A hash is created of the data and that hash is saved on the blockchain. This way there is always proof of a version of the Bitcoin Core client available. Wladimir van der Laan, lead maintainer of the Bitcoin sourcecode, initiated this plan. He states it will help proof authenticity and prevent plagiarism.

Then three news items about big organisations using the blockchain in major projects. The Bahamas want to use the blockchain in undersea exploration. The technology will be used to tokenize underwater explorations in the seas around the islands. PO8, the company that proposed the idea, uses an Ethereum based network to do so. The government of the Bahamas want large-scale blockchain adjustment: not only in banking but also property registry and for children of immigrants and as said: undersea exploration.

An other major project is blockchain usage by NASA. They want to develop an authonomous spacecraft that could make decisions without human intervention using the blockchain. To that and, the agency granted Jin Wei Kocsis 330.000 dollars to support her research on an Ethereum-based blockchain technology. I can’t quite understand what a blockchain would do on a single spacecraft, but we’ll see.

The third news item about a big organisation interested in a blockchain solution is about Samsung. The company wants to use the blockchain for it’s massive supply-chain. And massive it is: 448.000 tons of air cargo and one million shipping containers! A massive move, if you’re going to use the blockchain for it. And Samsung has good reason to look into the blockchain: it could cut costs by up to 20%!

And when education and the blockchain meet, I’m interested. This week a Dutch whitepaper was published about the blockchain in professional education. Joël de Bruijn, with whom I was in a joint presentation at the Blockchain in Education conference in Groningen, wrote the white paper for his organization saMBO ICT. In the piece he first explains the blockchain and then explains a few existing initiatives. The most interesting part is the vision of the future and the SWOT-analysis. The new GDPR guidelines and the blockchain don’t seem to match. And that’s somewhat strange, because both have privacy as a basis. But GDPR needs a single entity as controller: a decentralized database doesn’t have that. But that’s solvable. An other problem is the possibility GDPR provides to erase data: if you want your information deleted, the owner of the data has to. But in blockchain, deletion isn’t an option.  That’s something to think about. And that doesn’t apply to education only, it’s a question in many fields where you’d think about using a blockchain, such as the baby on the blockchain I talked about in podcast #5.

And that wraps up this Last week in blockchain. Check my website: for more info on me and my podcast and a full transcript of this episode. Check the links to all the news items I talked about in the description: the Prorail hackathon, changes in the Bitcoin source code, the Bahamas, NASA, Samsung and blockchain in education whitepaper. And definitely check back next week for my new podcast on Soundcloud and in Dutch on!

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