Last week in blockchain – 2018 week 14

Last week in blockchain for week 14 of 2018, a podcast with the latest developments in the world of the blockchain.

Welcome to Last week in blockchain. My name is Wim Pelgrim, a blockchain enthusiast and with this weekly podcast you’ll stay up to speed about all the major developments on the blockchain. And that in under 10 minutes! And if you like what you have heard: please share this podcast on your socials and spread the word.

This week I’m going to talk about some political news from France and Russia, some news from the technical side of the blockchain from Hyperledger and Google. But some of the most noteworthy news of this week comes from my home country: The Netherlands.

But I’m starting “abroad”: in France with the finance minister. Earlier he wanted France to make a deep dive into the blockchain and crypto future. But at last weeks G20, he and his peers wrote a letter to set action in motion to prevent cryptocurrencies from undermining global financial stability and creating risks for investors. The minister hastened to state the blockchain was still a big part of the future of France, but crypto pose a threat. Where have we heard that before? Check earlier podcast for other crypto- and ICO-warnings from government officials.

And then Russia: the Central Election Commission is planning on implementing the blockchain in Russin elections. Ella Pamfilova of the commission stated “there is a public demand for it. We have refurbished everything we could before the latest election, but now as the election is over we have to act pre-emptively.” And that in elections of which several organisations said it where the cleanest in many years, despite the OESO stating genuine competition was absent. Pamfilova made it her “ambition” to implement a blockchain-based system.

I talk about Hyperledger a lot, but I think it’s an interesting organization: they are building an open source foundation for the future. A lot of organizations try, but they achieve to gather a group of enthusiastic developers; like WordPress and Firefox. Last week (#8) was the launch of Hyperledger Fabric 1.1, this week the news that a lot of new organizations joined the Hyperledger project. Among these organizations is Ripple: not a blockchain like bitcoin, but centralized real-time gross settlement system (RTGS). And because Ripple is the third largest coin by market capitalization as of early March 2018 (after Bitcoin and Ether), it’s an important partner to join the project.

But not only “new” technology companies such as Ripple or Ethereum work on the blockchain. Google is joining the blockchain future. They want to use the technology to set their cloud business apart from their rivals. But secretly they joined the blockchain realm already: Google was the second most active corporate investor in blockchain tech from the 2012 to 2017 period (according to CBInsights), but the company isn’t officially reacting to this news, but the news about their cloud is only based on information provided to Bloomberg by insiders.

And then, The Netherlands. As I said when I started this podcast: a lot of news will come from my country. The publication of a book with 50 blockchain examples: “Blockchain in de praktijk” (blockchain in practice). The host of the day, Vincent Everts, posted an article and a few videos about the presentation. In the book you’ll find great examples of use cases, such as the child package in Zuidhorn. That’s an arrangement for children living in poverty. Parents get 300 euros for specific products such as sports clothing or school stuff. They pay local store owners and the blockchain stores all the administrative information. I love these kind of examples, and hope to buy the book shortly: it hasn’t been published yet unfortunately. Unless the presentation of the book this week.

And the example from the local government of Zuidhorn is one of the projects that have come out of the largest blockchain hackathon in the world. And that’s held in… The Netherlands. Groningen, to be exact. April 5th till April 8th 700 participants in 63 teams from 5 continents will join and try to build blockchain prototypes for worldwide challenges. And they will try to win the 100.000 euro price. You bet I’ll be talking about the results of the Blockchaingers hackathon next week or the week after that.

And for the last news I’m returning to my own province in The Netherlands, North-Brabant. A group of students at Avans University of Applied Science and ship manufacturer Wärtsilä want to solve the problem of cheating with the data of CO2 emissions in transport ships. In an app ships appear as red (not meeting the local standards) or green and harbors can accept or decline ships according to the local laws and regulations.

And that wraps up this Last week in blockchain. Check my website: for more info on me and my podcast and a full transcript of this episode. Check the links to all the news items I talked about in the description: France, Russia, Hyperledger and Ripple, Google, Blockchain in practice, the hackathon and Avans and Wärtsilä. And definitely check back next week for my new podcast on Soundcloud!

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Blockchain in de praktijk

Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018

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